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Coaching - OFFER from coach in certification (Geneva)

I am a certifying coach who is seeking volunteers to let me practice some techniques and explain the concept of coaching I am training in.

Are you interested in a FREE sample coaching session?

It involves no cost and does not need to progress beyond an initial session - I can only take a limited number of regular practice clients (for which there would be a fee) but am keen to get plenty of practice explaining the approach of co-active coaching and giving a mini-coaching session.

- You will hopefully get a kickstart to your journey of discovery and transformation
- Fun – I hope!
- You will learn about a resource that could be of potential interest to you in the future as a means to provide
o Support in determining where you are versus where you want to be in life
o Support in taking actions to achieve what is important to you
o Structure and focus for you to stay on track
o Challenges, brainstorming, provocative questions
o Objectivity , from someone with a desire to assist you
o Strict confidentiality
-You get to help someone in need who will be grateful for your support in this journey ;)

Benefits for me
- Practice in applying new and more familiar skills
- Your feedback!

Interested? Drop me an email on Protected content and we can take it from there.


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