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Geneva, city without soul and surely no Rock'n'Roll ;-) ?

It s maybe a strange way to put a question but it s something that has been on my mind the last years. I am curious to learn what other "expats" think about it..
I like Geneva in summer around the lake, in winter the view on the mountains and the number of international people u can meet and distances are short. The airport is close to the city center and connections are good.
But really, for a city of such international renomée it s sometimes astonishing to c that there are so few things (cafés, bars..) around the lake. In Winter streets are empty and the weather mostly foggy and houses grey. And, did u ever meet "genevois" people? It seems like there s this parallel world of "internationals" meeting in restaurants, bars and people from Geneva that u hardly meet. And internationals come and go...The nightlife is not really brillant either..for example compared with Lausanne, where there are a lot of students. There u can easily chat with people (especially women ; Protected content don t know without being looked at like ur from another planet.
Come on, i am german and i complain!!! ;-)) How is it for "latinos" or californians? I hope i didn t sound frustrated...:-)

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