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Highly Experienced French Tutor (Geneva)


French natives, we currently work for several local and international companies. We teach French as a Foreign Language to newly settled expats who have been granted tutoring facilities by their employer.

We teach our clients at their work place, in the comfort of their home, or the place of their choice. We tutor their spouses as well.

We teach private customers and well as company employees, one-on-one or in groups.

We tutor many children or teens from International Schools.

We tutor adults struggling to learn or perfect their French, disappointed with the lack of efficiency of group classes.

Our rates are incomparably cheaper than any language school as we offer our undivided time to the students for the full session, as long as it may be.

We have been teaching French as a free-lance for the last 20 years, are French natives, we always try to explain etymology, we can compare French to your own mother tongue in most cases, we teach out of passion for our native language.

Preparation to DILF, DELF and DALF as well.

Private lessons are worth far more than any group classes, for the simple reason that no teacher can dedicate him/herself only to your specific needs in a group. Any individual has his fields where he feels confident and others where he needs improvements. That is why we sincerely believe that passed the first level, group classes can’t bring any individual as much help as a coach.

We are language coaches. Once you know how to swim, what makes the world champion different from any other swimmer is his dedication (getting to the pool at 5 am and doing Protected content daily, for ex) and his coach.

You can't achieve world championship in a group. You can with a good coach and a lot of determination. We won’t do the laps for you, but I’ll be there every step of the way. How long it takes is in your hands.

We tailor our classes to your needs: from A1 to C2, you will master French in no time, with internet exercises, paper book exercises, listening fun and varied audio parts, reading, speaking and writing. We mix lots of different techniques according to level and needs and our teaching evolves with the student's progress. Conversational, business or finance French language.

We can teach anywhere in Geneva from 9.00 to 21.00, from Monday to Friday.


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