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Interested in joining a photographers studio club? (Geneva)


Hello all,

Alongside my day to day work chapeau I'm also a photographer and I'm really missing the photographic studio experience and energy that you can so easily find in large cities. In London it was so easy to find budding artists in need of a great portfolio, studios in darkened alleys all over the place.... well, you know the drill by now. So rather than dwell on it I wondered if there are sufficient people here who might be interested and enthusiastic enough to create our own?

I used to take photos in London in a club and it worked really well. We would hire a studio, a make up artist and a model or performer for an evening and share the costs. On average around 5 or so would attend each event, and there were probably fifty people or so who were interested to come from time to time. We tended to schedule one every three or four weeks. It was not for profit, just for fun and learning- the photographers all improved their level of experience, we all got to be experts in the ins and outs of the equipment you find in a photographic studio, the models and make up artists had some fabulous examples for their portfolios... everyone was very happy.

I haven't seen anything like this in Suisse Romande and so I would really like to set one up if only i can find sufficient critical mass to make it effective. Is it something you could be interested to participate in? I would then negotiate with a studio or two in or around Geneva/Lausanne. For that matter, if you have any suggestions for studios you have used in the past I would be pleased to hear.

If anyone's light bulb starts glowing at the idea then do let me know and hopefully we can get something started before Christmas.


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