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ORANGE: worse experience ever (Geneva)

just wanted to share my experience with ORANGE mobile/internet provider to warn others on how to be careful before you consider signing the contract with this provider.

I signed an Internet Everywhere Student contract for internet with ORANGE. When i asked what is the best internet deal with Orange they suggested this deal, which stated "surf without limits" you pay 40 CHF a month, but there is a small footnote which says "up to 2.5 GB download/month corresponding to thousands of web pages and emails, additional MB at CHF 0.50". Even if the customer reads this small footnote, he/she would come to the conclusion that the term download only refers to the download of documents as this is the way the term “download” is commonly used. It is not clearly stated that the term “download” in fact refers to any transfer of data from the internet. Even if you use skype, msn and open any page it is all considered to be a download. To which end i received a bill of 1.615 CHF after 3 weeks.

Carefully read terms and conditions of any contract, as it is written if you want to terminate a contract with Orange, you would have to pay Protected content fee. Moreover, if they choose to decide to terminate a contract with you prematurely, YOU still would have to pay them Protected content termination fee. Which i personally find unfair and not customer friendly.

If you have similar experience, please share it with others, i believe it is better to be informed in advance on negative outcomes with customer services while choosing mobile or internet providers.

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