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Seeking capital acquisition implementer (Geneva)


Odyssey General Partners is seeking a Capital Acquisition Person to work along with and perform any or all of the following: connect with, solicit to, acquire, market, or refer Odyssey General Partners to Capital Joint Venture Partners.
Odyssey General Partners needs a Capital Joint Venture Partners for the acquisition of discounted / distressed Real Estate projects worldwide. Marketing material and a web site has been created. I am located in the Geneva area and my partner is in the United States, we both have United States Visa’s. We will assist or perform presentations to any the potential Capital Joint Venture Partner as needed
Your compensation is fee based. When a Capital Joint Venture Partner is secured by Odyssey General Partners, as a result of your referral, 1% of that amount, a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $100,000, in compensation, will be paid to you out of an escrow account. Project participation as a profit sharing partner may be available as well.
Odyssey General Partners oversees and implements the following scope of work for discounted/distressed real estate, and is currently seeking Capital Joint Venture Partners so that we may purchase and pursue projects together.
• Criteria summary
• Project search & abbreviated feasibility analysis
• Feasibility analysis
• Current structural and financial audit, past and current cap rate verification
• Cap rate future projections
• Remediation assessment and budget development
• Remediation implementation
• Operational and management implementation, efficiently analysis.
• Over-site of ongoing operations.

Send your contact information if you are interested in further discussion.

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