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Wanted: Expert consultant for WHO project (Geneva)

Dear colleague,

The WHO department of Health Systems Governance and Financing (HGF) is offering a 7-month consultancy opportunity, from 1 March – 30 September Protected content , to work with the HGF team engaged with Global Health Initiatives, and specifically the Global Fund and Gavi . The objective of the work is to manage the recently established HSS Situation Room, to coordinate communications and meetings, and to maintain and update country briefing templates that provide detailed information about GHI grants, ongoing and planned Technical Assistance, and major HSS interventions by partners in priority countries.

The terms of reference of the consultancy are attached. If you meet ALL essential requiremnts for this postion, we invite you to submit your offer, along with your CV, no later than 18.00 hours CET on Monday 25 January, to:
HSS SR Consultancy
C/o Jane Dyrhauge
e-mail: Protected content

Purpose of the work
The HSS-UHC Situation Room will be a platform for the WHO programmes, multilateral and bilateral partners, The Global Fund, GAVI and other GHIS, to address systemic, cross-cutting barriers such as procurement, data management, HRH and good management practices which regularly impact on GHI grant development and implementation. It will facilitate the coordination and provision of country-focused support (including but not limited to technical assistance and guidance) to respond to identified challenges to optimising GHI investments in support of effective and efficient HSS that leads to UHC.

Scope of the work
The consultant, reporting to the Health Systems Advisor responsible for GHIs, will have the following responsibilities:
• Maintain and update the Country Briefing templates, to provide detailed information about GHI grants, and ongoing and planned TA and major HSS interventions by partners in priority countries.
• Manage HSS-UHC Situation Room communications :
o Organise monthly meetings (or more frequent, as required), prepare agendas, presentations, circulate notes for the record in a timely manner.
o Write reports, quarterly updates, and briefing notes.
o Maintain and update an HSS Focal Point list
• Coordinate inputs for country missions.
• Maintain an Excel Workbook on GHI grants and TA support areas.
• Provide general coordination and support for the WHO-Global Fund Technical Cooperation Agreement work, in coordination with the HGF team.
• Other duties as required.

Core Deliverables
• Up to date Country Briefing templates for all priority countries
• Documentation for monthly and other meetings, and country missions.
• Communication materials as required.
• Updated GHI Workbook
• Input Global Fund data into GHI Monitoring database

Education Qualifications

* Essential
• University degree in international or global development, public health, political science or economics.
• Specialist training in public or business administration or management.

• Masters level degree in public health, health economics or a closely related area highly desirable
• Documented experience in project or programme management


• Minimum 5 years’ experience in planning, managing or developing GHI grants to countries, at the international level.
• At least 5 years’ experience providing technical and policy communications to countries receiving support through GAVI or Global Fund.
• Experience in organizing and providing logistical and administrative support to seminars, meetings, conferences.

• Relevant experience in WHO, UN or other international organizations
• Relevant experience working at global level on grant management issues for both GAVI and Global Fund
• 10 years or more experience with multilateral and/or International NGOs

• English
o Speak: Expert knowledge [Yes] Required [] Desirable
o Read: Expert knowledge [Yes] Required [] Desirable
o Write: Expert knowledge [Yes] Required [] Desirable
• French
o Speak: Expert knowledge [Yes] Required [] Desirable
o Read: Expert knowledge [Yes] Required [] Desirable
o Write Expert knowledge [Yes] Required [] Desirable
• Spanish
o Speak: Intermediate knowledge [] Required [Yes] Desirable
o Read: Intermediate knowledge [] Required [Yes] Desirable
o Write: Intermediate knowledge [] Required [Yes] Desirable

Duration and Budget
The contract will cover a period of 7 months, from 1 March Protected content 2016:

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