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Would you like to improve your Golf ? (Geneva)


Need assistance with your golf game, are desperate with this damn golf swing, would like to get rid of this terrible slice or simply would like to understand what all the consistent players have in common ?...

Well, I offer a "what to" instruction on a golf course, not a "how to" on a driving range where a lot of "champions" are seen !...That being said, if you've never or barely touched a golf club before, let's get the basics right on the driving range, on and around the green !
Learning to play better golf by playing golf on the course, not hitting tons of golf balls on the driving range is by far the best way to improve because you deal with the shot at hand !

The best swing model you can find is not Tiger's one, it's the shot you're facing on the golf course...
Learn from this "brain compatible" way to approach the game, not from another boring or confusing swinging method or theory...

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