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House Furniture and Appliances Sale - Gent Center

Hi Everyone,

I am moving to Germany in a few weeks and want to start selling my furniture, if anyone is interested, this is what is available:

Work Desk (old): EUR 15
Office Chair (IKEA, slightly used): EUR 15
2 Table Chairs (metal and leather, new): EUR 25
2 Table Chairs (wood and leather seat, old): EUR 15
Kitchen Table (wood, slightly used): EUR 15
2 Seat Sofa + Matching Foot Stand (caramel color leather, slightly used): EUR 50
Small TV Stand (wood, new): EUR 5
Fridge (Bosch, old model, works perfectly): EUR 85
Microwave (new): EUR 25
Double Bed (wood, used): 90
Wardrobe (wood, used): 90
Clothes Rail (metal, new): 7

If you buy 2 or more items, I can give you IKEA plates, pans and cutlery for free, plus we could have a Belgian beer :).

Items are available from now until 15/Aug.

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