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Living in Augsburg

A comprehensive guide about living well in Augsburg

Living in Augsburg offers the advantages of a livable and tight-knit city, still boasting of a vibrant cultural scene, a thriving nightlife, and high-quality services. Augsburg is a relatively small city, but it is just at a stone’s throw of the cosmopolitan Munich with its famous Oktoberfest.

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Life in Augsburg

Culture and Leisure

As a historical city, Augsburg is rich in historic architecture, including many palaces, churches, and castles that are important to the history of Germany. The city’s main cultural sites and institutions are

  • the Schaezlerpalais, a major art museum in an 18th century Rococo house,
  • the Maximillian Museum,
  • the botanical gardens,
  • the Augsburg textile and industry museum, and
  • the Fuggerei, a social housing project that dates back to the 16th century.

Augsburg’s large student population also contributes to the culture of the city, and there are many cafes, art galleries, and exhibition spaces in Augsburg which have been started or are run by students. The local football team is FC Augsburg also plays in the Bundesliga, which is the top tier of German football.

Education in Augsburg

Germany’s public education system is considered to be one of the best in Europe, and will be free for the children of all expatriates living in Augsburg. However, as German is the language of instruction at public schools, many expatriates living in Augsburg instead send their children to international schools.

Currently, Augsburg only has one international school, the International School Augsburg, but there are many more located in nearby cities like Munich. Augsburg is known in Germany as a university city, as it has a large student population that is split between its two universities, the University of Augsburg and the Hochschule Augsburg (University of Applied Sciences).

Transportation in Augsburg

Augsburg is one of the best cities in Germany in terms of public transport. Currently, Augsburg has 27 bus lines, five tram lines, six night bus lines, and seven intercity and suburban rail lines. In addition, trains run from the Central Station to many other major German cities, including Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Frankfurt.

There is also a direct TGV service that runs to Paris, where you can connect for other French cities. Although Augsburg does have its own airport, this is now used for businesses purposes only, and all commercial flights have been redirected to nearby Munich International Airport. If you wish to drive whilst living in Augsburg, you can do so using a foreign license for six months, after which you must obtain a German driving license. You can find more information on owning and driving a car in Germany, as well as on other forms of transportation, in our dedicated article section on Transport & Driving in Germany.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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