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Moving to Bodrum

What to know if you're moving to Bodrum

Bodrum is completely different from the bustling cosmopolitan life of the big Turkish cities, but this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be considered. The city is a seaside paradise, with many historic venues and a pleasant climate. Find out more in our guide!

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Relocating to Bodrum

About the City

Bodrum is a major port city in the south-western corner of Turkey, on the Aegean coast. A 2012 census indicated that the population in the city itself was 36,317 — although including figures for the surrounding towns and villages in the same district added another 100,000 to this total. Bodrum is now a major center for tourism in Turkey, and is recognized for its stunning scenery, hot weather conditions and wide range of tourist attractions. The city has a vibrant and diverse range of cultural influences, with expats moving from around Europe and the Middle East to live and work there.

The city is well-known for a number of historical sites of interest, but also for its wide range of shops, bars, and clubs that cater to the tourist market and locals alike. The port is a major focus for industry and tourism, and marine activities, like scuba diving, are popular pastimes for those staying or living in the area. A range of cultural festivals are held in the city each year, particularly in the grounds of the imposing Bodrum Castle.

The Climate in Bodrum

The area experiences a Mediterranean climate, meaning the temperature is mild throughout the year. The hottest time of day reaches an average of 34°C (94°F) in summer and 15°C (59°F) in winter. Nights are also warm, with low temperatures still averaging 8°C (47°F) in winter, and 23°C (74°F) in summer. Precipitation is low throughout the year, with very little rain falling at all during summer months, and long periods of sunshine. The summer months see on average over 320 hours of sunshine each. The climate makes the area particularly popular with tourists, and the sea and open air swimming pools are generally considered warm enough to swim in for almost the whole year.

Finding Accommodation

The significant amount of tourist interest in Bodrum has caused a noticeable increase in the number of expats moving to the city and surrounding villages, from all over the world. Some come on a temporary basis, to take seasonal work, and others permanently relocate there, in many cases because they are retiring. Because of its popularity, many flats and houses are now advertised on English-language websites dedicated to buying and renting homes. Specialist companies, such as Sunshine Turkish Homes and Apartments Bodrum, can also provide a good insight into the kind of properties available — although if you have a good grasp of the Turkish language, local newspapers and agencies are a common source of property rental advertisements in the area.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018

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