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What to know if you're moving to Bonn

Are you an expat planning on moving to Bonn, Germany? Bonn is a mid-size beautiful cultural city with plenty of things to do. Take advantage of everything that the city has to offer. Learn more about the city, finding accommodation and the visas for Germany in our Relocation Guide.


All about Germany

From moving your household goods to obtaining a residence and work permit, this guide offers you a range of practical tips on the necessary steps to move to Germany. It outlines important factors, including healthcare, education, housing, and other essential requirements for moving to Germany.
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Relocating to Bonn

About the City

Bonn, which was officially known as the Federal city of Bonn, used to be the Germany’s capital city, and its administrative area had a population of more than 310,000 when numbers were last recorded. It is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on the bank of the Rhine. Bonn maintained its position as the seat of government for a united Germany after the fall of the iron curtain. This position was held from 1990 until 1999.

The city was first founded in the first century BC as a Roman settlement, and is one of the oldest cities in Germany, which gives it one of the most historical backgrounds in the country — something that the people of Bonn are very proud of. Bonn is considered to be a busy, happy place to live and is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Finding Accommodation

When it comes to finding somewhere to rent or buy in Bonn, there are many options available. Many people prefer to put their trust in the locals as Bonn tries to show hospitality and friendliness to anyone visiting. Accordingly, it may be possible to find properties through word of mouth.

Local newspapers, estate agents and even advertisements in shop windows offer an alternative option to finding properties that are available to rent or to buy — and if you are thinking of renting, these properties are available on both long and short term lets. Of course, being able to speak some German will help in these situations. Naturally, you may want to secure your accommodation before you enter the city, in which case the internet is a treasure trove. Estate agents advertise the majority of their properties online, and the competitive nature of their business means that they have detailed descriptions of the properties, as well as photographs and video tours.

Visas for Germany

It is common when someone from a different country is entering a foreign place for them to need a valid visa. This isn’t the case in all situations so it is always better to check first, either on the internet or if possible with the embassy of the country you are planning to visit/relocate to. When it comes to Bonn, Nationals of EU states, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland and a few others do not need a visa, however, if you are planning on staying longer than three months you will need one and you must register at the “Einwohnermeldeamt” (Residents’ Registration Office) after your arrival.

There are lots of different types of visas available, including a Schengen Visa (C-Visa) and a National Visa (D-Visa), so it essential to do the appropriate research in order to see what visa you require, if any, to avoid any delays in your journey.

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06 December 2018

Living in Bonn

Be amazed of the cultural richness, beautiful architecture and fascinating history that Bonn has to offer. Get to know more about Beethoven’s city with valuable information about Bonn’s culture and leisure, free education system, and the excellent transportation network in our guide.
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Working in Bonn

Bonn would be an ideal place for any expat within the business, finance and media economy sectors which are abundant in this German city due to its development and services. Find out more about working possibilities in Bonn in our Relocation Guide in work permits, local economy and job hunting.
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