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Working in Brasilia

Find out how to get a job and work in Brasilia

As a capital city, Brasilia is home to the central administration and some service providers have their bases in the city. Diplomatic works are very common and they influence the demand for foreign nationals. Check out more in our guide!

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Employment in Brasilia

Local Economy

Of Brasilia’s 27 billion USD GDP, 91% is made up of public sector services. Jobs involving governmental and diplomatic work, legal services, banking, finance and communications account for just over 40% of the job roles in the city. Brazil Telecom’s headquarters are located in the central business district of Brasilia and employ a huge amount of staff in the telecommunications industry.

As well as this, like much of Brazil, Brasilia manufactures and exports a large amount of agricultural produce. The major farms in Brasilia produce coffee, guava, lemon, papaya, orange, soy beans, and mango. The city has the largest per capita income of anywhere in Brazil. Expats are most commonly sought after for work within the diplomatic services. Expatriates with experience in sales, executive managerial roles and communications are also welcomed to work in the city’s information technology, pharmaceutical, publishing and construction sectors.

Job Hunting in Brasilia

Finding a job in Brasilia may be challenging for many expats, but there are plenty of resources that can make the process easier and faster. One way to secure work in the city is to work for one of the many multinational corporations that have offices or branches in Brasilia. The city is home to a great many companies so it could be well worth finding out if your employer has a branch that you could be transferred to.

Websites such as Head Hunters Brazil look for skilled experts from overseas for a vast selection of industries. This website (along with many others) is a great place to register a CV, make essential business contacts and maybe land the perfect job opportunity in Brasilia. Other websites, for example, Trabalhoja, Vagas and Career Jet are also handy places for expats to find available vacancies. These websites have very high success rates.

Income Taxation in Brasilia

The income tax rate in Brasilia works on a progressive income assessed scale. All residents, including foreign workers and permanent visa holders, are eligible to pay tax on their net income including finances earned from wages, investment profits, rental income and so on. Any resident of Brasilia who earns less than 23,499 BRL in a year is not liable to pay income tax, however, any salary above this amount will be charged on the progressive scale. The maximum amount of tax that any resident will be charged is 27.5%. This rate is applied to the salary of anyone earning upwards of 4,087 BRL per month.

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Updated on: September 23, 2021
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