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Working in Essen

Find out how to get a job and work in Essen

Essen is strategically located in the Ruhr area, one of the most productive corners of Germany: Both national and international corporations call the city home, meaning there are ample job opportunities for residents and expatriates alike.

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Employment in Essen

Local Economy

Essen benefits from the strength of the German economy, which is currently one of the most robust in Europe. It also benefits from the influence of a number of huge corporations that are located in the city, bringing employment and stability to the area.

These companies include industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp, electric utility RWE AG and Europe’s largest shoe retailer, Deichmann. Until 2003, Coca Cola had its German headquarters in the city. In 2016, the country’s largest electricity company, E.ON, will move its headquarters to Essen, which will create lots of opportunities for residents and foreigners too. 

Job Hunting in Essen

If you have not already got a job lined up in Essen, there are a number of different ways to discover the ideal job for you. The traditional method of finding a job is to browse local newspapers. There are a number of papers that cover the whole North Rhine-Westphalia region, which includes Essen – for example, Der Westen and Westfalische Rundschau. However, it’s well worth checking online too, especially as this way you can start browsing the job market before you even set foot in the city. Getting a good idea of the jobs available online can give you peace of mind before you move. Popular German job websites include StepStone Deutschland and Monster Deutschland. You may also find it useful to visit some local corporations’ websites and check any careers pages they may have. 

Income Taxation in Essen

As a German resident, you will be taxed in the same way as a citizen while you are employed in the country. If you live in Germany for fewer than 183 days per year, you will only be taxed on income earned in Germany. If you reside in Germany for more than 183 days per year, you will be taxed on your worldwide income. For low incomes, no tax rate is applied; higher incomes are taxed proportionately depending on the marital status. The rates range from 0% to 45% and the higher one occurs at a taxable income of €250,730 (€501,460 for married couples).

For more information, please refer to our in-depth article about Taxation and Social Security in Germany.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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