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As an expat working in Hungary, you will want to integrate with the workplace and learn a little about how jobs in the country operate. In this article, we look at the local economy, the work permit process, and job hunting to ensure you are aware of how the system works and what the employment landscape looks like.

Employment in Hungary

Economic Overview

The major urban areas are of course where jobs are more plentiful for expats hoping to work in Hungary. Larger cities such as Budapest, Miskolc and Debrecen have good employment opportunities.

In Budapest, the financial sector is considered one of the best-developed, and in fact the city ranks as one of the primary regional economies in the European Union. There is also a rapidly developing technology sector, and if you have skills as a developer in this area you are likely to find work in Budapest. The city is one of the Top 100 performing cities in the world in terms of GDP.

Outside the cities, work in these sectors is likely to become less plentiful – but work still exists for expatriates. Teaching English in rural locations is something that many people do, and work of this type is welcomed into the country. 

Work Permits for Hungary

As an expat in Hungary, you will need to be sure that you have the correct forms and permits to work legally in the country. Citizens of the EU, EAA and Switzerland, however, need no work permits, which is one of the reasons Hungary is a popular expatriate destination. As long as you let people know your details and the work you carry out, you should be enrolled without problem into the Hungarian employment system.

For high-skilled non EU nationals, the EU Blue Card will be required; this is valid for two years and allows you to work in the country. You can find more information regarding this Blue Card on the website of the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality.

Job Hunting in Hungary

If you are looking for work in Hungary you need to know where to go and how to start – it can be confusing at times and you need to know which sectors are more sought after than others.

Typically, there is a shortage of highly skilled technology and IT candidates for jobs, and if you are able to transfer using existing contacts or employment you will be warmly welcomed into the country. Standards of employment and the conditions are broadly similar to those of Western Europe, with good benefits for holiday pay, as well as maternity and sick leave.

In terms of finding a job, local papers are a good place to start, and job boards for expats often have listings in English to help matters. You can also register with the labor bureau and employment exchanges. Foreign newspapers also have jobs, and don’t forget to register and check with any relevant industry journals in your field.

It can take time, but finding a job in Hungary is much that same as in the rest of Europe, and you should also expect the interview process to be similar. With good working conditions, a thriving culture, and an ever improving health and education systems, Hungary is an excellent opportunity for expats looking to live and work in this part of Europe. 

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by InterNations GO!
06 December 2018
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