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Moving to Mulhouse

What to know if you're moving to Mulhouse

Thanks to its handy location in the double bordered region of eastern France, moving to Mulhouse can be an excellent choice for foreign residents hoping to start a new life in France. In this article, you can learn more about the city, the local accommodation market, as well as visas for France.

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All about France

With its rich culture and history, France is the ideal destination for many expats. But before making the big move, there are many steps to move to France that should be considered. This practical guide takes you through the requirements for moving to France so that you are well prepared for your adventure abroad.

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Relocating to Mulhouse

About the City

The most important city in the Haut-Rhin province and the second city of Alsace, Mulhouse is a popular destination in the east of France. Situated just 30km from the border of Switzerland and 14km from Germany, the city boasts a privileged and picturesque position, with excellent accessibility across Europe. Two tributaries of the famous River Rhine flow through this district of 112,000 French speaking inhabitants.

Visas for France

Under the Freedom of Movement Act, expats moving from EU countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway do not need a visa to permanently move to or work in Mulhouse.

Anyone from outside the EU must apply for a Long Stay visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to reside in France for more than 90 days or to work. To be eligible for a Long Stay visa, foreigners must be employed or provide an evidence of employment offer in France, be the spouse of a French citizen or of a foreign national permanently residing in France, or provide evidence of sufficient funds to live off of.

Potential non-EU expats hoping to move to Mulhouse should get in touch with their nearest French embassy for further details of what evidence needs to be supplied. Additional information can also be found in our article on Moving to France.

Finding Accommodation

Due to the city’s idyllic location, property prices in Mulhouse are slightly above the national average. Many expats have chosen to invest in Mulhouse real estate, and as a result, house prices are predicted to continually increase. The architecture of the city is well known for being particularly impressive: here elegant Alsatian houses line the quiet residential streets. There is no shortage of property on the market available for families, couples and individuals to buy or lease. Rent prices average around 500 EUR per month for a one-bed residence.

Apartments and houses to let can be found on websites such as Right Move and Green Acres. The “L’Alsace” newspaper is distributed regularly throughout the Haut-Rhin region and a range of Mulhouse real estate is advertised in the property pages.

Updated on: August 05, 2015

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