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Moving to Nagoya

What to know if you're moving to Nagoya

Nagoya is a metropolis that offers many diverse opportunities: no matter your reason for moving to Nagoya, you will in any case find a wide range of options for both your personal life and your career. Read on for a short introduction to the city, as well as info on accommodation and climate.

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Relocating to Nagoya

About the City

Nagoya is Japan’s third most populated city and is located on the southern coast of Japan within the Aichi Prefecture (prefectures are states or counties in Japan). The 2014 census lists the population of Nagoya at an estimated 9.373 million. As Nagoya is a port city with an extensive population, it is well-suited for expats from around the world, offering not only a sprawling metropolitan environment but also a chance to discover Japan’s rich history and cultural heritage.

The city is home to many active expat communities, some of which have been in place for several decades. For those wishing to relocate to Japan, Nagoya is a prime location within the country, serving as a center point between the two main hubs of Tokyo and Osaka. This makes that travelling around Japan and to these key locations efficient and easy to organize.

The Climate in Nagoya

Climate data for Nagoya up to 2012 details the average high temperature in the city as 32.8°C in August, with an average low of 0.8°C in January. The annual temperature tends to be between 11.9°C and 20.7°C. Although air pollution around Japan’s industrial hubs is growing steadily, Nagoya has received a low pollution rating from the World Health Organization. Despite this, many residents still opt to wear protective masks as a precaution.

As you can see from these temperature figures, Nagoya enjoys summer in radiant sunshine, and those who wish to visit historic landmarks or travel to any other nearby city will rarely be hindered by the elements.

Finding Accommodation in Nagoya

The most likely way to enter Nagoya will be via Chūbu Centrair International Airport, located on an artificial island just south of the city. Heading north from the airport you will encounter the bustling center where most residents of Nagoya live. The most common type of accommodation for expats moving to Nagoya are apartments, typically in a central location, which can range anywhere from accommodating a single business worker, to a larger family-sized arrangement. The city of Nagoya comprises 16 wards. Prices can vary between these wards, tending to become higher towards the administrative center of Naka-ku and can be on the cheaper side in less central wards such as Moriyama.

Finding accommodation after moving to Nagoya can be relatively easy, utilizing the various resources you would expect, like online estate agents and property search engines (such as Japan Home Search ), local newspapers with property listings and local estate agent offices. Living spaces tend to be dense and concentrated, with a relatively high price for little space.

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Updated on: August 03, 2015

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