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Working in Nagoya

Find out how to get a job and work in Nagoya

Nagoya is the hometown of some major industries and it is highly involved in international trade. Needless to say, there are always many opportunities for high-skilled English-speaking employees. If you are an expat planning on working in Nagoya, check out our guide!

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Employment in Nagoya

The Local Economy

The city of Nagoya is part of Greater Nagoya. The region was responsible for 70% of Japan’s 2003 trade surplus. This is in part due to the city’s strong links to some of Japan’s biggest engineering and automotive firms. The headquarters of Toyota’s luxury brands, such as Lexus, are located in and around Nagoya and the suburb of Okazaki is home to Mitsubishi’s R&D division. Needless to say, the city has a strong draw for those in the engineering or automotive trade.

Impressively, Greater Nagoya’s GDP is equivalent to 20th place of the world ranking by country, finding itself between Poland and Switzerland with a GDP of 491 billion USD in 2009.

The Job Search in Nagoya

There are many options available for those wishing to find a job abroad and work in Nagoya, with the usual resources at your disposal: searching online for vacancies and consulting print advertisements looking for ads that match your particular skills.

Many agencies are also on the lookout for qualified teachers of English as a foreign language to come and teach in Nagoya, employing many expats all year round. The details of such agencies can most commonly be found on the web.

The salary you can expect whilst working in Nagoya depends entirely on the line of business you are planning on entering into. With the average salary being placed at 238,250 JPY, some figures worth bearing in mind are average monthly utility bills of 23,129.63 JPY and the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of on average 82,500.00 JPY per month. These numbers can drop dramatically, the further you live from the city center (figures as of March 2015). Still, they can put quite a dent in your budget and should be kept in mind during the job search and subsequent salary negotiations.

Work Permits for Japan

There are 14 different types of work visa available for those planning on living and working in Nagoya, broken down by trade or sector. The most detailed information about these can be found on the website of your Japanese embassy or consulate..

The minimum experience required is usually a college degree in a relevant field, or a certain amount of years’ experience at the discretion of your employer. Visas are usually granted for six months, one year, or three years. The longer your stay in Japan is, the easier it is to earn a long-time permit.

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Updated on: August 03, 2015
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