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Moving to Salzburg

What to know if you're moving to Salzburg

As with a move to any new place, there are several factors to consider when relocating to Salzburg. While this beautiful area is fairly accessible, it pays to be in the know about any legal issues involved in moving to the city. Our guide has all the info on visas, accommodation, climate, and more.

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Relocating to Salzburg

Visas for Austria

Those who are holders of EEA or Swiss passports do not require a visa in order to live in Salzburg. This includes those from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and European Union states. Expatriates moving to Salzburg who are not EEA citizens can apply for a Red-White-Red card, which allows fixed settlement in the country for up to 12 months, provided that the holder has a job offer and is financially self-sufficient.

For those who are just beginning their job search, the Austrian government can grant a job seeker visa in order for them to visit the country to find work. Once a job is secured, they can then be awarded a Red-White-Red card. The card is valid for one year, but can be reapplied for. Reapplying expats should also check whether they might be able to apply for a Red-White-Red plus card, instead, which is valid for 3 years.

Those who have been living in Salzburg for extended periods, most commonly 10 years, are able to apply for Austrian citizenship, which is awarded to expatriates who have a secure income and are competent in the native language.

Accommodation and Residence

The city is divided into 24 districts (Stadtteile) each with their own style and atmosphere, so no matter if you want the quiet comfort of sleepy suburbia or the lively character of downtown, you have plenty of options.

Altstadt (Old Town) is historic and beautiful, but with the majority of tourist attractions in this area it is very busy, particularly in summer. Mülln and Nonntal offer a slightly quieter atmosphere, yet continue to showcase some of Salzburg’s rich history and beautiful architecture. Popular residential districts include Gneis, characterized by its 19th century villas, Taxham, home of the popular Europark shopping mall and the beautiful baroque palace Schloss Klessheim, and Morzg, which has a charming rural spirit, whilst remaining close enough to the center of Salzburg for easy to access to the city.

The law in Austria dictates that all people in the country, whether expats or natives, must register their place of residence. When moving to Salzburg, you should register at the Magistrat Salzburg within three days of moving into your new home. You can do this by completing a registration form (Meldezettel) and presenting it alongside your passport in order to prove your identity and nationality. You will then receive a Meldebestätigung (Residence Registration Certificate), also often referred to as “Meldung”, which links you to a number of Austrian services and rights, such as the postal system.

The Climate in Salzburg

As part of the temperate zone, Salzburg has what is known as a continental climate. This means there is often long periods of snow in the winter, as well as a high amount of precipitation during the summer. In the local dialect this particular drizzle is called Schnürlregen. The region also experiences dry, warm winds throughout the winter and spring.

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Updated on: October 14, 2021

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