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Working in Tajikistan

Find out how to get a job and work in Tajikistan

Finding work in Tajikistan can be difficult for expatriates. If you're a native English speaker, then a career teaching English as a second language may be a good option, as the growth in economy and demand for English teachers in Tajik schools increases. Read on to learn more about working in Tajikistan!

Employment in Tajikistan

Economic Overview

Tajikistan is one of Asia’s poorest countries, with approximately 40% of its population living below the poverty line. In 2012, about 47.9% of the workforce was employed in agriculture, 41.2% in services, and 10.9% in industry. Today, Tajikistan’s main industries are aluminum and vegetable oil.

Since its independence from Russia, Tajikistan’s economy has gained revenue from exporting these important recourses to foreign countries. Since 2005, Tajikistan’s GDP has gradually risen, but still remains one of the lowest in comparison to other former Soviet countries. The most common expat jobs are thus in teaching, because the demand for Tajik children to learn English in school is steadily increasing. 

Teaching Jobs in Tajikistan

Searching for work in Tajikistan is hard because not many jobs tend to be advertised. Any expats thinking about teaching abroad should consider studying for an international TEFL /TESOL or CELTA certificate first, as it would be a well-recognized qualification in Tajikistan and a good way to get into work. Many teaching jobs abroad are also advertised on the TEFL website. Some teaching jobs in Tajikistan usually say in their adverts that they prefer more experienced English teachers, so expats with some previous classroom experience in their native countries or in other countries abroad may be desirable to employers. 

Most teaching jobs in Tajikistan do not have high salaries, but in comparison to other countries the cost of living in Tajikistan is usually quite low. An average teaching salary should be enough to cover the costs of food and accommodation with some money left over for travel and leisure.

One good way to save money is to ask prospective employers about any accommodation that may be included with the job. Some companies and language schools may also help with working visa arrangements, making the process of earning a living abroad much easier. 

Taxation in Tajikistan 

While working in Tajikistan, expatriates should be paid a salary on a monthly basis. The rules on how income is taxed can be confusing, especially if it is unclear whether or not expats still have to make contributions to their home country while working abroad. Fortunately, most permanent employers will process income tax through the PAYE system so expats at least don’t have to calculate the local payments themselves.

Expatriates should also check for possible existing tax treaties between Tajikistan and their home country. Such treaties can ease the burden of double taxation, i.e. ensure that one is not taxed twice on the same income.

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Updated on: November 25, 2021
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