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Working in Tunisia

Find out how to get a job and work in Tunisia

Thanks to the liberalization of the markets, Tunisia offers nowadays a fast-changing economy with many opportunities for expats. If you need to learn something about working in Tunisia, its leading sectors, the job hunt or required documentations, check out our guide!

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Employment in Tunisia

Economic Overview

An accurate picture of the current Tunisian economy is difficult to portray as the nation is currently in a state of economic change. After years of state control, the Tunisian markets are being liberalized and the way business is done and money is handled in the country changes day to day. What can be stated is that it currently has a gross domestic product of 47.13 billion USD, which works out at 4,329 USD per capita.  Tunisia’s Human Development Index also ranks it 4th in Africa.

The main industries in Tunisia are petroleum, mining, tourism, and textiles, with clothing being a particularly important export good. The country’s most important partners for trade are France and Italy, which is unsurprising given the shared histories of the nations, while Germany, China, Spain, and Algeria are also key. 

Job Hunting in Tunisia

Though finding a job is not impossible for a foreigner, it is likely you will be restricted to certain industries if you have your heart set on working in Tunisia. Those looking to teach English will have a number of options available, as many people want to learn the language for travel and business reasons. If you are searching for a teaching role in the country, then ESL Employment, Total ESL and ESL Café are all good choices.

If you are hoping to find work in Tunisia in another field, there are numerous other job websites you can try; Emploi, Bayt and Tanit Jobs are among the best sites, with frequently updated listings and jobs in a wide range of industries available. Actually getting a job can be difficult, though, especially if you do not speak Arabic, so be prepared to do a lot of applications before you hit pay dirt. 

Work Permits for Tunisia

Permits for people from abroad who want to work in Tunisia can be a tricky area. It is essential that you have your permit completely sorted out before you show up for your first day of work, and there are several factors to take into account. You will need about four to six weeks, at least, to arrange your permit, though there are no guarantees on the time. At busy times of the year, the process may take longer. 

Even if you have been offered a job, this will not necessarily entitle you to a work permit. Sponsorship is essential to a successful application, though this in itself is a complicated and frustrating process. While your prospective employer might be willing to extend sponsorship to you, there is an equally high chance they will not. Also, some employers will not even consider your application until your permit is approved. When you consider the fact that you can’t get a permit until you have a company sponsoring it, you start to see what a troublesome task applying for a Tunisian work permit from abroad can turn out to be.

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Updated on: May 12, 2015
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