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Moving to Turin

What to know if you're moving to Turin

Turin is a well-known industrial hub in Italy. However, a move to Turin can offer a lot more than just work opportunities. Our article on moving to Turin has just the information you need on housing and accommodation, climate and more for expats and their families.

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Relocating to Turin

About Turin

While Turin may have been seen as a rather drab industrial city in the past, it is swiftly becoming a favored destination for expats from around the world. Turin is known as the Automobile Capital of Italy, and car maker Fiat’s headquarters is a landmark building, with a spectacular racing course roof construction. Other companies that attract international expatriates include Superga, Martini, Kappa, and the creators of Nutella, Ferrero.

Turin is located in the north of Italy, within easy reach of the Alps, and is a favored destination for tourists. The city is renowned for its rich culture and history, and its varied architecture from all eras. The Egyptian Museum of Turin is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Egyptian artefacts outside of Egypt. Social life in Turin is lively, with many bars and cafes in the downtown area of the city attracting locals and expatriates alike.

The city of Turin has a population of around 911,000, but including those who live in the urban area that number is bumped up to around 1.7 million inhabitants. Approximately 13% of the population are foreigners, and in 2013, the city’s Piedmont region was named the best place in Italy for integrating expats.

The Climate in Turin

Due to the location of the city, the climate in Turin is more continental than Mediterranean. This brings slightly cooler weather than on the coast of Italy, but also less rain. During winter and autumn, fog often forms in the plains, but this is less frequent in the city.

Finding Accommodation in Turin

When you decide to relocate to Turin, one of your first priorities will be sorting out your accommodation. You may find that hiring an estate agent who knows the city, and where to find the best properties, will be a good investment.

Utilities are charged extra, on top of rental charges, which vary according to the location and standard of the accommodation. To secure the lease, a deposit is required, which is generally between one and three month’s rent. This will be refunded at the end of your tenancy, should the property be undamaged.

Visas for Italy

Whether or not you even need a visa for a move to Turin heavily depends on your natioanlity. EU nationals, for example, can live and work in fellow EU member state Italy without needing to apply for a visa. This is, however, not the case for all expats. As such, please refer to our article on Moving to Italy for a comprehensive introduction to Italian visa regulations.

Whether you are moving abroad for the first time or relocated multiple times before, the process raises many questions. Our complete guide to relocation will ease your doubts along the way, from the initial preparations to how to negotiate a relocation package, we help you GO! prepared with the key answers.

Updated on: October 14, 2021

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