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Living in Zug

A comprehensive guide about living well in Zug

Zug is a German-speaking town in the heart of Switzerland, nestled around a picturesque lake and surrounded by snow-topped mountains. It has all the hallmarks of a quiet Swiss town, but with the added bonus of a thriving economy, which makes living in Zug a highly attractive prospect.

Life in Zug

Healthcare in Zug

Switzerland is one of the healthiest countries in the world to live in, and this is partly due to the government’s preventative approach to healthcare. Treatment is available from public, subsidized private, or entirely private systems. 

As Switzerland offers universal healthcare, all residents are required to have health insurance, which must be purchased within three months of moving to Switzerland. This will cover the cost of medical treatment and hospitalization of the insured party, although it is normal for the insured party to cover the cost of a portion of their treatment. 

In case of emergency, Zug residents should dial 112 for the police, fire, or ambulance services. This is a free number that can be reached from a land line, mobile phone or pay phone. There is also a 24-hour number that will help you locate an on-duty doctor, dentist, pharmacist or vet: 0848 133 133. 

For more information on the Swiss healthcare system, please refer to our article on Living in Switzerland.

Education in Zug

Another area in which Switzerland excels is education; its system is made up of state-run public schools and independent private schools. Within Zug, there are numerous choices, including several international schools where the primary language of tuition is English. In Zug and the surrounding area there are three international schools and two private schools offering tuition in English.

It is not uncommon for expats living in Zug to send their children to a local school, to give them a chance to improve their language skills and learn about Swiss life. Local public school levels include Kindergarten, Volksschule (elementary school), Gymnasium (secondary school) and Universität (university). 

There are no universities in the center of Zug, but the Universität Zurich is within a commutable distance. Universities in Switzerland are some of the top performing in the world.

Transportation in Zug

Switzerland is world-renowned for its efficient transport system, and Zug is no exception. The center of Zug is fairly small — the entire town only covers 8.34 square miles — so many residents choose to walk around the town. The town is also very well served by a rail, bus and boat transport system. For train information, check the website of the SBB — there is even an extensive nighttime network available. For bus and boat information, check the website of the ZVB.

Taxi services are also available, but they will be the most expensive option. Also, be aware that it is customary, but not compulsory, to offer a small tip on top of the fare.

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Updated on: December 02, 2021
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