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Volunteer position: Acompalia Treasurer (Granada)

What Acompalia does
Acompalia supports terminally ill patients and their families in the Granada province and along the Costa Tropical in southern Spain. It provides free of charge services that help terminally ill patients to live each remaining day as fully as possible.
Research shows that:
• Most of us would prefer to die at home or in sympathetic surroundings, with our families close by.
• We want effective pain relief and appropriate but non-intrusive medical care.
• We all hope, and even expect, that our loved ones will be supported – emotionally and practically – during and after our final days.
Acompalia is responding to these needs, helping terminally ill patients and their families mostly thanks to Helpline and Acompanion services.

Job Description: Acompalia Treasurer

To accept responsibility for the financial health of the charity, and report all financial matters to the committee. As an officer of the charity it is expected that the incumbent will be a resident of Spain.

Monitor all expenditure acting as the control element .

: liaise with the Charity’s Auditors to ensure accuracy in the accounts ensuring all legal requirements are fulfilled.
:keep the committee appraised of any issues
Protected content annual accounts at Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM), as called.
: Protected content a Petty Cash account keeping a separate account for same.
:maintain membership and other ledgers according to Utilidad Publica

Whilst the responsibilities appear significant the role cannot be described as onerous nor exceptionally time consuming. Data input is carried out by a supporter who is not a committee member so much of the detailed work of the role only requires checking and approval.

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