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Moving abroad?

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Moving to Another Country: Final To-Dos

You have a job in your new destination and handled all the paperwork that comes with moving to another country? Well done! But you still need to keep some final steps in mind, such as health check-ups and financial issues. Our guide helps you with the final preparations for moving to another country.
Moving to another country requires a lot of preparation. Don't give up yet!

Your to-do list for moving to another country is probably rather intimidating, but do not fear, you are on the right track. If you have taken care of everything mentioned in the article on how to Prepare Your Move, you are already halfway there. Now you are ready to put on the final touches for your move to another country!

Health Check

Before embarking on your expat adventure abroad, it is important to make sure that both you and your family are healthy. Now is the time to make appointments for a comprehensive medical check-up with your family doctor, dentist, and (if you have kids) pediatrician.

If you require any complicated treatment or expensive prescriptions, such as minor surgery or new contact lenses, get them now instead of waiting for a medical emergency after your move. Your doctor should also counsel you on necessary vaccinations and travel health, especially in tropical climates.If you need prescription drugs for chronic ailments, you should get them before moving to another country. Depending how long your supply will last, you should also try to find out if your prescription medicine is hard to come by or particularly expensive in your host country and stock up if possible.

Banking and Insurance

Contact your bank and figure out if you have access to your savings while you are abroad. Make sure your credit cards are valid, and find out whether there are any outstanding debts or mortgages you have to pay off before leaving. Knowing whether your bank will handle any regular payments for you after moving to another country is also an advantage.

Does your bank offer services in your host country? If not, you should probably open a new account at a bank that does. Try to make sure that you have sufficient funds for settling in and to support yourself in case of an emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, you will need insurance abroad, but not all your policies may be transferable. Contact your insurance company before moving to another country, and see if your health insurance plans will still be valid abroad. Your insurance provider should also be able to offer you qualified advice on any additional policies you might need, such as for example, travel or risk insurance. If you want to learn more about international insurance and expat finance, take a look at our finance guide and our insurance guide.

Utilities, Phone, and Internet Cancellation

Before packing your bags and moving to another country, do not forget to contact your utilities companies and cancel your contracts for electricity, water, gas, etc. If you have already sold our rented out you house or apartment, it might be enough to inform the company of the new tenant. They will then change the contract accordingly. Remember to get in touch with your phone company and your internet service provider as well before moving to another country. Even if your contract with them has not ended yet, you might be able to cancel it on the grounds of your leaving the country. You should in any case find out if this is possible to avoid unnecessary costs. In all of these cases, you may receive a final bill that you need to pay, either before your move or from abroad.