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Sean Henderson

Living in Haiti, from Canada

"As an InterNations expat in Haiti, I made some incredible experiences there, and after the earthquake, the support from other InterNations members was encouraging to witness. "

Stephanie Gainsbourg

Living in Haiti, from France

"As a former expat in Port au Prince, I was glad to see InterNations promote the AFS International relief efforts in Haiti. "

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Our Friendly Community of Expats in Haiti Welcomes You!

Bonjour and welcome to InterNations Haiti! Here, through connections with other Haiti expats, we hope to offer answers to any concerns and questions you might have before you move, such as, ʺhow is the country still affected by the 2010 earthquake?", "which are the best schools in Gonaives?ʺ, or "what's the best way to find a house?ʺ. Moving to another country is a fantastic adventure, and InterNations is able to provide you with all the information you need to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.

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Haiti Expatriates Network

Join our high-quality network of Haiti expats to connect with expatriates living abroad in Haiti like you.

Haiti Guide for Expats

Haiti Expat Guide

Expat Forum Haiti

Get trustworthy and authentic advice from fellow members about all aspects of expat life in Haiti.

Haiti Expat Forum

Haiti Events for Expatriates

Attend our monthly events and activities for Haiti expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life.

Haiti Expat Events

What Can You Expect from Expat Life in Haiti?

Haiti is a vibrant and rapidly changing country, offering a wealth of history at sites such as Citadelle la Ferrière, alongside beautiful scenery, from the coral reefs of Côte des Arcadins to the Bassins Bleu in Jacmel. At InterNations, we offer a wealth of knowledge on Haiti to make it as easy as possible for you to embrace life in this stunning country.
Haiti has a growing expat community, drawn in by its vastly expanding tourist industry, and by urban development in Port-au-Prince. However, people are also drawn to Haiti for its culture and beautiful scenery. Our expats offer all the information you need to embrace life in Haiti fully, whether that be through visiting Grand Rue artists' studios, or through sampling the traditional griot.

Build Your Expat Network in Haiti with InterNations!

When you move abroad, it's important to be able to continue practicing your hobbies and interests, and to involve yourself in a vibrant social life. InterNations provides links to social groups, organized by other expats, that make this transition easier. Our Haiti expat community currently runs nightlife groups, and culture and arts groups, but if none of these take your fancy you can start your own, to see if any other expats in Haiti share your hobbies and interests! There are also larger social events organized by InterNations that offer a great opportunity to meet people and network in Haiti.

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