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Hamburg Areas

Hi all,

If anyone can point me at a thread describing the various areas of Hamburg, that'd be just dandy.

I will be working in Hamburg from 18th May and will need somewhere to stay during the weeks and most weekends for 3 months. Will be looking at things like Airbnb, flat shares, furnished apartments, etc. But I do not know the areas at all...

If anyone is feeling particularly helpful above and beyond, below is some more info:-

It'll be somewhere for me to live whilst working, ie, not my main residence, so it doesn't need to be big. Shared might be OK. I will be working near Gasstrasse. I also like to be fairly central and be able to be in good spots within 15 minutes of leaving my home. I don't mind a relatively direct commute to work. I like to be able to walk to restaurants and bars, and would prefer not to get stabbed afterwards.



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