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Housing/utility questions (Hamburg)

Forgive me in advance please, for possibly sounding not only naive but even ignorant...
We are currently looking to expat. Fiance was born in Nuremberg, but has not been to Germany in years. We are looking at Hamburg due to our educational goals.
So, while trying to plan such a mind boggling relocation (2 adults/2 children/2 dogs) I have tried and tried to find information...and I found internations. I am hoping that some of you will not find me as an "ugly, uncouth american" and would be willing to lend your local knowledge.
I need to know the average cost for a 3 bedroom house, I have looked and found it to be around Protected content . Is that correct? What is VAt and NK? Why do some ads state a commision of 2.5 X the stated rent? Is that a monthly fee? LOL
Next, utilities. What do utilities run over there?
I am used to paying water/sewer/internet/cell phone/electric/oil. What do those utilities cost monthly?
I am mostly concerned with internet/electric/oil. In Puerto Rico electric can cost me Protected content per month. What is it in Hamburg?

I know, I am needy, and ignorant. I have tried, and researched for days,but being non German speaking I am having a hard time finding the info I need.

I have so many questions... does anyone want to actually take hours to let me pick their brain?

Thanks in advance!!! :)

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