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  • Claude Maurin

    I wish I had known this site before coming here: The information and tips for expats in Zimbabwe would have saved me a lot of time.

Employment in Harare

Local Economy

Following severe economic problems, Zimbabwe switched its currency to the US dollar in 2009, but several currencies are in use including the South African rand, pula from Botswana and British pound sterling. The central bank now allows the use of major currencies, such as Australian dollars, Chinese yuan, Indian rupees and Japanese yen. In Harare, most prices are listed in US dollars.

Harare is a trade center for tobacco, maize, cotton, and citrus fruits. From around February to August, Harare’s lively tobacco auction floors, where farmers sell bales of tobacco to brokers, are a sight worth seeing for tourists, as well as an example of the local economy in action.

Manufactured goods include textiles, steel and chemicals, and gold is mined in the area. The major industrial sites in Harare are Masasa in the east with light and heavy industry, and Southerton industrial site in the west which houses mainly food and beverage processing industries. Also in the west is Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries, formerly Ford Motors.

Zimbabwe’s estimated GDP for 2015 is 14 billion USD, with around 1.000 USD per capita. Residents in the wealthier parts of Harare enjoy better income than people in other parts of the country, although the capital still has many poor communities in certain districts.

Job Hunting in Harare

Jobs for people wishing to work in Harare are not hugely easy to come by, and may be limited to contracts already arranged abroad, for example in engineering. There may be opportunities in education, teaching at the Harare International School, the British Council Zimbabwe, St. Johns College or The Heritage School.

Embassies and government branches, such as international development departments, provide employment opportunities, although these are limited in number and likely with appointments made outside of Zimbabwe. UNESCO and other United Nations regional offices offer a number of positions in Harare. UN vacancies are listed here.

Some reliable job sites for Zimbabwe and Harare in particular are: Recruitment Matters and Classified.

Income Taxation in Harare

Taxation in Zimbabwe is controlled by the Zimbabwe revenue authority (ZIMRA).

The income tax rate for an individual from their trade and investments is 25% for 2015. Employers can deduct tax directly from employees’ salaries. In terms of business taxes, there are some tax breaks for owners within the first five years of trading.

Residents living and working in Harare will also have to pay municipal bills for utilities such as water, which is government controlled.

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  • Claude Maurin

    I wish I had known this site before coming here: The information and tips for expats in Zimbabwe would have saved me a lot of time.

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