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Escape the RAT HOLE (Hong Kong)


Hello good day !

As you have already seen , by working in a Protected content job is only enough to make a living or more times not even this. We are expanding a team side project in travel industry and we want people that want to change something , they want something more , to sit down and listen our proposal ! We arent interested to sell you anything , we dont want to make you buy anything , we just want you to have an opportunity in an alternative way of making a living , without interfere your everyday life ! We are working in travel industry and we would like to meet the visionaries people that want something more!

Pm me for more info ! We will catch up with a cup of coffee and explain you everything ! I am not joking , i am not scamming , i am here to make you an offer ! Take it or leave it ! Worst case scenario is to make a new friend !

Have a blessed day !

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