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ESL Teacher - Job request (Hong Kong)


My name is Simon, and I've been an ESL teacher for over 5 years in mainland China including Chongqing and Shanghai cities. Ive traveled around, learn't mandarin to a useful degree, and had fun teaching my students.

I've been applying to Hong Kong for any teachers positions around, and I was wondering if there is anybody here hiring - or knows any good contacts to get in touch with.

My status:
3 University degrees including Bachelors, Foundation degree, BTEC National diploma
TEFL certificate
Experience with both adults and children, any age, any material
Ive had my fair share of English corners, Demo classes and Family classes to be able to construct lesson plans at short notice.
Mandarin speaking
British citizenship (Born in the UK)

Any help around would be greatly appreciated, I love teaching, young kids are amusing, and I'm currently teaching them now in my school in Shanghai.

Thank you

Kind Regards

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