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Experienced young marketer for 6-mo HK intern role (Hong Kong)

Hello InterNations!

My name is Michael and I'm currently on the hunt for a substantive, challenging entry-level role in a Hong Kong-based company across disciplines of advertising, branding, sales, PR, consulting, and/or entrepreneurship.

Polish-born, American-raised, and currently being educated in Asia, I am a lover of all things global and local, have a voracious appetite for current events, and dream of never stopping exploring as a technologically-connected globetrotting nomad-entrepreneur. My past experience has seen me do everything from developing international radio broadcasts at the United Nations Dept. of Public Information, to directly managing technology accounts at AOL at its most recent turnaround year, to my current second foray into entrepreneurship through fashion discovery after an initial foray into mobile gaming. The strongest common thread between these seemingly disparate roles has been my speed of learning and flexibility, which allowed me to adapt quickly to the changing needs not only between jobs, but day-to-day.

I love nothing more than truly experiencing a region and its people, and have developed a strong understanding of East Asia after years of immersion and a college career that has placed a strong focus on international marketing in China -- but the more I've learned, the more I have come to realize how much I have yet to discover. What I'm looking for in an internship is to be challenged to use my varied skills to do the most possible good, to be exposed to new personal and professional perspectives, to work alongside people who are infectiously passionate about what they do, and to keep alive the dream that work can be fun. Perhaps these expectations of a Hong Kong company are high -- but also high are my expectations of myself in such a position, and I pledge to channel my full passion, drive, and creativity in each and every role I take up.

I'm happy to share my CV, references, and more about myself with any party that sees potential for mutual benefit.

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