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Hunting a nursing job (Hong Kong)

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Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank you so much for reading my resume!
I am a nursing student (5-year English-oriented) of undergraduate degree. Next June I will graduate and I would like to hunt a clinical job in your hospital as a sacred nurse immediately after I finish. My name is Raozhuang, a girl of 23-year-old from countryside. And please use another minute to read the following mainly about some of my characteristics.

1 My philosophy of live
Life is a long procedure. Thickness of your inner will decide your achievement in the future. Strong must come from heart and the way must work out by your-self. The over-pass will become your solid footstone. I always keep the faith in mind that a man can manage to everything by constantly striving to be stronger and attempting to master more virtue.

2 Some of my personalities
I am a love life girl with strong sense of responsibility. And I am brave, persistence and always keep my words. I won’t let any today’s work postponed to next day. For studying and making progress, I prefer to learn with the excellence. I’ve had a great change after I came to university. But I never forgot what my parent instructed my little advancement everyday and what my teacher urge my active attitude to study. I must win an honor for them.

3 My feelings about nursing job
I think I can manage to be a good nurse. Firstly, I love the job though it’ll make me tired sometimes. But I promise I can stick to this job as the honorable reputation in nursing. Secondly, some of my personalities suit the job well like being good at conversation and patience. What’s more, all of my families are agree with that I need to make a contribution on nursing.

4 My hobby
I have extensive hobby including learning English, reading, handwriting, singing, clarinet and jogging. Especial for my English learning hobby, it changed my life since I learnt it from my middle school and my major was determined by English also as my major is English-oriented.

All in all, I am longing to be an excellent clinical nurse. Nursing is an art. The procedure is colorful but needs time and energy. You even feel tired sometimes. However after the goal you set attained, you will feel all the hard times and bad feelings meaning zero already. I can see the fruitful consequences in nursing but all the artists must work scrupulously. And I must, too. In terms of careful work, I can manage to it. But I need to manage to find a nursing job first.
I am a nursing exchange student now in Khon Kean University, Thailand. I will back in China next early Mar. And I look forward to a suitable job opportunity from you. Given chance or any question, Please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much? My Email address is Protected content or Protected content . Protected content

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