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International Business Communications Designer (Hong Kong)

First the business part, because you might want to know this first! ;-)
What can I offer for you? How can I improve your business?
I'm freelancing since almost seven years in Germany for local small as well as international big companies and thus know how to behave and work in professional surroundings.
I'm business fluent in English as well as German (it's my mother tongue) and I know some Japanese, some French and I am learning Chinese (Mandarin) at the moment.
I lived one year in Japan, where I worked with other international designers on projects regarding Service Design, Packaging Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design and Product Design and also had some exhibitions in Tokyo. One big project's client was SONY Japan.
I studied Integrated Design and Sustainable Design in Germany and Japan and I'm a German state certified media designer. Additionally I work as an international business and people photographer since several years in Germany and Japan.
I'm a punctual, professional, stress-resistant, ambitious and reliable team player (who has actually taken some classes about team building and team management), who will not disappoint your expectations.

Please don't miss to check my design portfolio: Protected content

Now the more personal part.

Hello lovely people!

I'm Manu, an aspiring freelancing Communications Designer from Germany, specialized in serious Business Communications and Service Design.
For that I would like to work and/or collaborate for and with professionals of all related fields. I'm also looking for Internships or freelancing jobs – whatever pays my rent and takes me to the next step.

If this might concern some of you, please get in touch with me via the options on my website. Let's meet for an official business interview or just an informal coffee in a five minutes break.
I would be very happy to meet you in Hong Kong. (Mainland China would also be okay in principle.)

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

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