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Telecom/Wireless jobs in HK/China (Hong Kong)

Hi, everyone. I'm a new member here. I wanted to reach out to the Internations HK community, just in case I am missing something; either that or maybe someone can provide a different angle of approach. It's always good to get opinions from others! Here's my situation...

I'm an electronics engineer in wireless/mobile telecoms on the technical side, with eight years of experience. My background covers both the core network/switch, as well as Network Optimization and location-based services. I'm a USA citizen and speak English and Italian. I am well traveled, especially in Asia. Just so you know, I have not had that 'first' job in Asia yet and all of my work is from USA jobs.

I'm looking for work in Hong Kong, although I realize that in my field, the work will probably more likely be in China/Taiwan/Singapore. I am listed at most of the usual big recruitment websites in Asia (especially China/Malaysia/Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan) and also have attended various networking events here in Hong Kong. I have been actively searching for work for over three months (since early February). I am listed with the usual big three recruiters here in HK (they are not much help and very distant, as they get calls from people like me all the time) and I do have one very good recruiter that I am in touch with regularly.

Problem: With the exception of a single interview in Singapore in March, I am not getting ANY emails/calls from any interested parties (Hong Kong or any country for that matter). Yes, I know it takes a long time to find anything in Hong Kong, but to not get ANY response from any country?? Is there something that I am missing?

Here's what I am doing to try to improve my skillset.
1. I'm actively taking Mandarin language lessons, since it will be important here in Asia, especially when traveling for business.
2. I'm currently researching additional technical certifications (such as Cisco CCNA wireless) and contemplating whether or not it's worth the investment and costs.

Ok, that's enough...I've had my rant. Now it's your turn! Any/all advice is appreciated. Feel free to list various websites that you may think would be beneficial to me, and/or feel free to send me a private email.

Thanks for listening!


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