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Your Cantonese Tutor (Hong Kong)

I'm a native Cantonese speaker with professional linguistic training (MA in English Language Teaching, BA (Hons) in Bilingual Studies, HD in Applied Translation Studies). Being a native speaker doesn't mean that he / she can teach efficiently, but with 10-year teaching experience and linguistic knowledge (Graded A- in the module "English and Cantonese Pronunciation Skills" in HDATS; Graded B in the module "Analysis of Cantonese" in BABS), I'm confident to teach you Cantonese decently (not only the street level). I've a great sense of humour. Therefore, I always try to make my tutorials as fun as it can be. ;)

Beginners' Daily Cantonese for Adults
Why do you have to learn Cantonese in Hong Kong?
1) You can communicate with local people.
2) You can get your things done much easier with local people.
3) Cantonese is especially useful where English is rather rarely used, such as wet markets, dim-sum restaurants, Hong Kong style fast food shops, roadside stalls...
4) You can make more local friends at school, work or parties.
5) You can make life much easier and more enjoyable in Hong Kong. Local people will certainly appreciate your trying to speak their language.

Content: Daily Conversations
(Only focus on the spoken language, the written Chinese
Protected content will not be taught)
Protected content Sound System (Jyutping)
Protected content (Numbers, Money, Date, Time... )
Protected content
Protected content Conversations (Making friends, looking for a place,
Protected content food, buying and bargaining, taking public
Protected content ... )

If you're interested and want to know more, feel free to drop me a message.

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