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Exciting Job Opportunity! (Istanbul)

Patient Experience and Digital Marketing Specialist

Patient Experience Specialist Duties:

Communication with all parties involved regarding patient experience and be proactive in unexpected situations.
Serve as a personal assistant to the patient, providing the patient with translation during transfers, clinic appointments, hotel check in and check outs. Making clear treatment is understood by the patient.
Build good relation with the patient and understand the cultural background, advise on city attractions, museums, cafes and restaurants.
Understand the patient's full itinerary and be able to provide information about the logistics and the treatment(s) and make sure payments are performed correctly and on time.
Report regularly to the case manager after each task and meet the timelines on the patient's itinerary.
Cross sell new treatments to existing patients and generate new leads leveraging on the relationship with the incoming patients.
Get patient reviews (video testimonials) prior to their departure from Turkey.

Digital Marketing Duties:

Drive qualified traffic to the website(s) and generate new patient leads for the sales team
Develop and implement marketing plan including online marketing (internet portals, email marketing, patient forums/blogs and social media etc.)
Write press releases/articles and publish on targeted online platforms
Create newsletters including new campaigns and promotions for the existing and prospective patients
Enhance all branded literature (Brochures, Itineraries, Pre-op/Post-op Instructions, Email Templates etc.)
Update website content
Based on the loyalty/referral programs to generate new patient leads for the sales team
Conduct pricing studies and mystery shopping to ensure prices are in line with competition and costs are consistent within the service provider network
Contribute to expanding provider network in Turkey
Use Google Analytics to report and optimize campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads
Research, identify and implement new online traffic and customer acquisition opportunities
FlyHealth is a medical travel company in Istanbul. We have representatives in Amsterdam, London and Ukraine with a main office based in Istanbul.
At FlyHealth it is our ultimate goal to provide patients from all over the world with high quality medical treatment in the best healthcare institutions in Turkey. Basing on our extensive experience, as well as our patients’ needs, we are able to provide a full package, that consists of us handling all the treatment process and providing treatment plan, high class accommodation in carefully chosen places, private transfers and hosting. We provide our clients with pre-assessment results, arrange for doctor consultations as well as appointments in hospitals. Furthermore, upon request we are also able to arrange for shopping or trips to tourist attractions.

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