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Help Needed (Istanbul)

Hey, I look forward to some help from your side. I am a graduate of maritime transport and logistics. I tried to find a job in Izmir also in Istanbul, I've heard many times that it is not possible without the Turkish language fluent level. My dream is to be in Istanbul so I am looking for any job that would allow me to settle and to have opportunities to learn Turkish in Turkey. I am from Poland and really I do not know where to look for and who to talk with more. Websites like and Linkedin type, I know, and it's hard to find an offer for a foreigner without a skilled knowledge of Turkish. Please tell me where else can I look? What to do? Now I really do not care for a fantastic job, I just need any job without Turkish required. Oh and I am not in Istanbul .. You may think it is bad cause it is much better when I am there .. well there is no diference - I know, and checked it for a few months :) Thank you for any words which can help...

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