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Pet Sitter - Cat Sitter - Dog Walker -Animal Lover (Istanbul)

I'm a certificated and petsitter in İstanbul Turkey with so much references and have been servising to the people about petsetting such as cat sitter, dog sitter, dog walker, fish sitter and for any other animals.
Some of my customers from other countries and especially expats in Turkey.
When they go out of town for a trip, holiday or business trip etc. and worried about how to care for their beloved pets while away? They inform me and I help them for solution as a cat-lover and dog-'nut'! I love them all... even fish and others.
I go to their own home every day to ensure their pets needs are met, walks walked, toilets 'flushed'.
1. Their pets will be happier, as they will be in their home environment, much less stress.
2. Their diet and exercise patterns are uninterrupted.
3. The trauma of carting their pets back and forth to an off-site location is eliminated (both for the pet and the owner)!
4. The risk of illness from other animals will be minimized.
5. They feel relax since i send photos and videos regularly,
I wanted to inform you since some of my customers inform and requested me they all need such a services so "Please inform our consulates and embassies"
As a result plesae get in touch if you need such a services in İstanbul.
Thank you so much
Best Regards
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