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Recruitment agencies focused on Expats... (Istanbul)

Hi all

A lot of international companies with “US-style” or “European style” work culture (if there is such a thing) are establishing business in Turkey. I am assuming some (not all!) of these international corporations will recruit, in addition to Turkish staff, foreign nationals (i.e. expats) already in Turkey. This may be because of their 2nd language and because of good knowledge and experience of the work culture of a specific country and/or mature industry trying to make a start in the booming Turkish economy.

And here comes the question:
I am looking for recruitment agencies in Istanbul that specialize in expats (and of course also Turkish with significant international experience). Are there HR companies with such niche focus? If yes, can you please post a link to their website and a contact person i.e. recruiter so I can send my CV to them?

It is important that the agency deals not “just” with junior positions where language competence is likely to be a primary need, but also senior positions where international cultural-, industry- and/or work culture competence are perhaps the more important aspect.

Sorry if my question is too vague to answer. Let me know and I will try to rephrase it.

In advance, thank you


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