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Sad experience with a turkish company. (Istanbul)

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to share the sad experience I had with a Turkish Company.
I just moved with my husband to Istanbul less than two months ago.
I was "lucky" to find a job within a week and started working inmediatly, from early hours in the morning, until late at night, including saturdays.
I was of course hoping to receive my first paycheck on the last day of the month (january Protected content , and today, February 12, I STILL didnt get anything.
I spoke with my boss about it, he said that this was the way things worked out in Turkey, that i might receive my first salary maybe at the end of february... I said I couldnt work with those conditions. He just scream at me saying that then I was fired. I said ok, no problem, BUT THAT I WANTED MY SALARY FIRST. He said NO. Any advice? what should I do now? I am a Turkish citizen, and the place I am mentioning is not a small place, it is a BIG holding. 40 people are working there with the same situation.

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