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Seeking Employment - Hospitality Ind. Advanced Lvl (Istanbul)

Hello All -

I am currently seeking employment in Istanbul. I have over 13 years of hotel and travel experience. I have my residency and looking for a company who hires foreigners for long term work.

I have came across a couple leads so far but no such luck. It is to my understanding, I will have to find a company to hire me and for them to apply my work permit. This is very difficult to do because how do I know which companies do this? In the U.S, you apply for a work permit, and start working.

I am 8 months new to Turkey and learning fast. I am a native English speaker and I do speak, read and write a little Turkish. I am in the process of learning (on my own unfortunately, but getting by)

If anyone is to have any insight with my current situation, it is greatly appreciate to pass it my way. If you have a website, company, lead, anything will help.

Much appreciated,

Currently Seeking Employment in the Hospitality Industry with advanced level experience.

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