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Working in Istanbul

Hey everybody,
while writing this message, I am again counting on the help of Inter Nations members:
For 5 months I am living here in Istanbul and learning turkish (as many might know that is not too easy). Besides the language I am also searching a job and this is the moment my problem begins: As I came directly after finishing my university I can only offer short periods of experience in areas as f.e. consulting or insurance. Furthermore, my university degree would be translated as "Regional Science of Latin America" which makes me an expert concerning Latin America including languages etc. but for love reasons I am in Istanbul.
So where is my niche while offering special knowledge of Latin America, several languages (but not fluent Turkish) and not f.e. a 5 year working experience in Germany?
Has anybody been in the same position? Searching for a guy like me?
As you may see I am really thankful for any kind of hint, tip, job offers ;-) etc.

Thanks in advance

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