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Hey All,

So I will go ahead and say that Yabangee is looking for volunteer contributors to work with us as we approach the coming year. I realize that the word "volunteer" scares people away, but I should go ahead and say that team members often get free access into gigs, exhibitions, parties, etc. and if you're a writer... you'll gain exposure as we have a pretty huge audience in the city. We also have dinners, our own events and you generally get to meet and work with awesome people living here.

Anyway, here is the official ad placement:

"Yabangee is seeking new contributors to join our diverse and energetic team of writers, photographers, film-makers, promoters & designers.

If you're passionate about Istanbul's cuisine, sports, art galleries, museums, nightlife, concerts, festivals, culture, or you feel you have your own unique contribution to make, then we likely have a place for you in the Yabangee family.

If interested, contact Protected content

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