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Creperie-banana (Izmir)

Creperie banana - looking for partnership in İzmir


My name is Alexios Alexiadis , I'm from Greece 44 years old and I live in komotini.
In the past 25 years I was running professionally small business in the fast- food area . Coffees , crepes , ice pan cream ( three years experience ) , snacks and thinks like that are a piece of cake to me , I'm highly trained and well experienced at that field , something special that follows me everywhere I go . Athens , Volos and komotini were the places I was working on . A good proposal το continue my business in Turkey changed my mind to stay here in Greece . The last six months , with all the uncertainty and thinks getting worse , I decided to close them and move on there to make a new start . With a friend of mine who lives there in Istanbul , we are looking for a place to establish our business. All the necessary equipment provided from online services to crepe machines e.t.c.( only a coffee machine usually provided free from the supplier , tables -seats and an ice pan machine we need to by ) . Finally I must tell you when I first started my professional career I believed that partnership do not get results and it is better to have a business on your own ....believing it or not after 5 years operating I realized that I had made the biggest mistake in my life and since then I change my way of thinking

EQUIPMENT PROVIDED - All the following are stainless professional machines .
- 1 computer ordering system with two monitors - 7.000 €
- 9 stainless gas maker machines 40cm- 3.600 €
- 1 rotating crepe workbench for 4 crepe machines 8.000 €
- accessories : stainless containers , plastic containers , spatulas , tongs food , crepe maker machines e.t.c 4.000 €
- 3 food display refrigerators 7.000 €
- 1 small food display Protected content
- 2 hot dog machines 700€
- 4 workbenches 2.500€
- 1 ventılation system with its parts and accessories 3.000€
- 4 toast maker machines 3.500 €
- 2 fryer machines Protected content
-a shelf for general use 500€
- a simple air-condition 800€
- 2 refrigerators , maintenance - storage products Protected content
- 1 freezer for general storing products 800
- 1 stainless workbench freezer Protected content
Protected content - shop illuminated - changeable Protected content
Protected content shelter Protected content
- 1 mixer machine 15 lt Protected content
- 1 cold cuts cutter machine 350€
Protected content washing with 2 taps 500€
- 1 double electric oven Protected content ). Protected content
- 1 triple gas hob cooking 850€
- 1 double gas gob cooking 600€
- 1 stove 500€
- 1 air curtain Protected content

- a space around 50sm , located in a central shopping area Protected content storage
- possibility : tables Protected content and 5 outside ) , capacity Protected content
- aimed at passersby and not only , target group 5 to 60 years old , potential regular customers who work- study on or commute , irregular customers such as tourists , visitors .
- our mission is selling high quality of crepes , ice pan cream , coffees , fresh juices -refreshments , snacks .( five cods )
- a wide range of sweet crepes and ice creams with lots of combos .
- a unique way of making frape , nes caffe , espresso , cappouccino etc
- toasts , salads , club sandwiches for lunching .
- secret unique dressings , recipes , menu plates for those who want to try something more .
- menu easily changeable depending on the peoples appetite

- affordable prices for customers
-there is no direct competitor .
- quick service : with only five cods the preparation time is very fast for both workers and customers .
- speed service approximately : one and a half minute in each product .
- the particular way of making our products in front of the customer eyes .
- taste and quality are consistently
- the uniqueness of our product . Both crepes and ice cream in conjunction with the other would make a perfect combination .
-Ice pan
- Ice pan cream : on a frozen surface we make any kind of ice cream that customers want . We use fresh toppings and flavours that are healthiest than conventional one . No artificial colors or preservatives . Fresh fruits , milk , vegetables the only secret to success . Also very low in sugar , fat and cholesterol .
For those who want the opposite , never mind it can be done .
Only one I see and I have to point out : people are not accustomed to crepes . Perhaps it will takes a little time . That really may be an advantage ?

- media advertising
- fliers
- word of mouth
- free sample
- Internet site , face book , online shopping .
-computer system ordering
- focus on taste and quality consistency
- trained employees : friendly and professional
- special deals and offers


A .Ideal operation - owner operation at least for the start
Working hours : 09: Protected content , 17: Protected content
Each working zone 3 persons , the supervisor .
The owners itself will run and operate the ship using at least 1 employee.
The employee will work part time .
At least three persons will be owners . One of them will be the general manager and bookkeeper .
The advantages : less expenses more profit , gains customers appreciation , more professional operating .
Once a week there will be meetings : talking about issues and topics and other subjects related to the operation , discussing further about present and future plans
The general manager , after meetings will give instructions and advices about the business running .
During the working hour one will supervisor .

B . With employees - at least 2 or three owners

1. Medium extent program - initial plan
- 2 working zones 09: Protected content , 17: Protected content
- each zone 3 employees , the one will be the supervisor
- the third employee will work part time and cover the day off.
- supervisors will be persons from the company and work equally with employees .
- one general manager and bookkeeper .
2 . Full extent program - secondary plan , at least 2 or three owners
- opened all day long
- 3 working zones 09: Protected content , 17: Protected content , 01: Protected content
- each zone 3 employees the one will be the supervisor the other 2 employees .
- one of them will work part time
- one general manager and bookkeeper .

Working capital :
- minimum Protected content dollars
- maximum 200.00 dollars

1. Maximum 150.000 dollars : total expenses to get in agreement with brokers and owners
2.Store development , construction , design 10. Protected content dollars
3. Registration / legal expenses 2. Protected content dollars
4 .Machinery- equipment 0, Protected content ) - price 80.000 > dollars
5 . Ice pan machine 1. Protected content dollars , tables and seats 3. Protected content dollars
6. Preliminary - misc expenses ( supplies , fliers , advertising e.t.c ) 5. Protected content dollars

The above estimation shows both lowest and highest level of the project . The hole cost of the project depends on the place , rent and generally opportunities that will come up.

According to the amount of work and the number of employed

1 . Labor costs - salary/ wages plus insurance per month
per employee : salary Protected content 300 = Protected content
once a week a day off
Minimum : 5.000 tl
Maximum : 10.000 tl

2 . Rent monthly
9.000 tl Protected content tl

3 . Utilities plus taxes and other extra costs per month ( repairs and maintenance )

electricity Protected content - Protected content
liquid gaz Protected content - Protected content
state taxes Protected content - Protected content
dues Protected content - Protected content
Phone bill Protected content - Protected content
Water bill Protected content - Protected content
Other. Protected content

Minimum : 6.000 tl
Maximum : 11.000 tl
according the amount of the work total fixed costs monthly range from minimum 20. Protected content to maximum 36.000 tl

4 . Daily supplies- raw materials are connected with both the amount of the work and the cods we sell , so approximately are corresponding to 15% with 20% of the income .
food supplies : pralines , chocolates , coffees , sweets , milk , eggs e.t.c
Others : cleaning materials , plastic bags , food boxes , e.t.c


Sample analysis per day
Income : 3.000 tl ( a medium extent )
Fixed costs : Protected content ( it applies to high level )
Cost of daily supplies - raw materials : 3.000*20% = Protected content
Income - daily supplies = Protected content
Protected content Protected content net profit
So we have Protected content net profit
That's a virtual sample and the rates we have here are pointing out the highest level so any comparison and exact calculation is not convenient , from my experience there is a differential 2%-5% according to the cods we sell , since the profit from each code is different .
A general icon shows us that we have a net profit at least 40%- Protected content % . A more accurate calculation would be accepted if we had the actual fixed costs ( especially rent and working stuff ) . Expenses related to the working stuff and the rent are very important for business operation and viability so firstly these two factors must be taking into account and then calculate anything else more accurately .

Crepe Protected content maximum. Protected content Protected content
Raw material cost Protected content tl Protected content Protected content price Protected content tl Protected content
Raw material cost Protected content Protected content Protected content price Protected content Protected content
Raw material cost Protected content . Protected content . Protected content price Protected content Protected content .
Ice pan cream
Raw material cost Protected content . Protected content Protected content price Protected content . Protected content
Raw material cost Protected content Protected content Protected content price Protected content . Protected content

Both factors raw material costs and retailing prices are depending on the fillings and the quantities that customers choose .


State : Greece , city : komotini , population : 60.000 , students : 5.000
Season from Protected content Protected content , working ours 12 afternoon till 03:00 morning.
Average price of each receipt € 6,75 , customers per day Protected content
Location : center of the town
crepes : 226,5 per day ( sweet and salty )
Refreshments : 42,8 per day
Ice creams : 39,5 per day
Snacks : 65,5 per day
Coffees : 59, 7 per day


State : Turkey , city : Istanbul , population : 16.000.000 >
Average price of each receipt Protected content , customers per day at least 150
For my experience I must name that as the worst scenario
Location : center of the city
Medium size 09: Protected content , 17: Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content creams
Protected content
Protected content
Expected number of customers Protected content
The lowest income : Protected content
The highest income : Protected content

Chances of successful undertaking 80 % to reach and 20% not ( economic and political factors that will effect directly Turkey itself as in my country ) .

- with income Protected content per day the net profit is about Protected content , that means in one year time it is possible .
- ensure business name
- a small laboratory preparing crepe mixture for wholesale
- cooperation with construction companies and law firms and attract potential partners to open brunches
If you are interested contact to : Protected content


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