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New to Turkish Culture? Do you wanna enjoy it? (Izmir)

You are very new to Turkey. All immigration and relocation issues have been completed or you still concern yourself with these issues. You feel a bit like a stranger in town .You want to get familiar to this culture but do not know where and how to start.You also want to succeed in your assignment in Turkey while enjoying the urban life in Istanbul integrating with the Turkish society. Otherwise it is going to be hell on earth to survive in the city for yourself.

Then you are at the right place. In this training,which is tailored to you, you will get practical& lifesaving info in your daily social life and business life, as well as a deeper insight into the Turkish Culture, you will not easily discover by yourself. This training is also tailored for those who want to sharpen their knowledge and understanding about Turkish Culture and cross cultural communication.

Let's shorten this discovery period to a training that you will enjoy and have fun!! Get the taste of Turkey to the very deep in just two days which will cost you otherwise a never ending story which might be very difficult, exhausting, torturing.

Do you want to secure your personal success in your assignment in Turkey and enrich your social relations or risk being part of one of the million cultural blunder stories, which resulted in losing a lot of money to brands and had been tracked as a failure story in professional careersof individuals? Make your decision and act right now before it is too late.

We support the expatriation and take care of you.


Remove some of the 'unknown',

Increase self-awareness and cross cultural understanding,

Provide the opportunity for questions / anxieties to be addressed in a supportive environment,

Reduce stress and share experience with other expats with common motives and find the opportunity to initiate long term relationships with other expats

Reduce the chance of culture shock relocation failure and transform it into enjoying Turkish Lifestyle.

All expats working in Turkey and their partners as well as their grown up children willing to benefit from this opportunity to make life easier and more cheery in the new culture……

For more information the email adress : Protected content

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