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Crossmedia designer looking for a job in Jakarta

Dear Jakarta Community,

my name is Friederike and I just moved to Jakarta. I come from Berlin Germany.

Currently I am looking for a job, so that I can stay and live here. Last year I have graduated with a Bachlore degree in Crossmedia Design and I am looking for work within the design field.

I would be more than thankful if anyone can give me some help with finding a job. If you maybe have an idea where I could look further or know someone who knows someone who may need someone like me, I would be very happy. :)
The biggest problem I am facing is how to get the KITAS!? There are companies interested, but it always comes down to the KITAS and they say it is not possible to recruit me. Maybe you know some more about this topic, which I am sure of.

Take care and thank you

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