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Info about Jobs Opportunity for an EU in Jakarta

Hi all! I need information about job opportunity for my BF who is an EU citizen with Bulgarian Law and Criminology educational backgrounds. Is there any possibilities if an EU with those backgrounds have good opportunity in Jakarta? In what field he might can get the job opportunities?

Currently he is still residing in London, because he is not sure about moving to Jakarta as his educational background in Law is local Bulgarian and now studying distance learning in criminology in London.

However, he is excellent in sports, such as proper gym exercise, Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ), Bicycling, and Marathon. He really have strict attention to the physical shape, so I told him once he can be a very good Personal Trainer in the gym in here. He refuses my idea because he wants to do something related to his studies. As my background is IT so I don't really know about the law and criminology backgrounds opportunity.

Any information will be very appreciated!

Thank you! :)

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