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Bandana, Cooling Front head and neck Band (Jeddah)

Heat beat bandanna: Keeps you cool all day.
-Do not worry about the heat of the day.
-HEAT BEAT tame the sun's heat
- Suit all ages
You need it anywhere:
- On the Sea or the Beach
- At the pool or under the waves.
- At the playgrounds , sports clubs , SPA or Gym
- At stadiums
- Everywhere you exercise your hobbies.
- In the desert
– In all your travels and trips.
- Behind you car seat
- At home, or park
- At the workplace, behind your desk.
- In the shade or under the sun - From wherever you are keep HEAT BEAT your friend because you will need it if you want to maintain cool throughout the day.
- All you have to do is to wet HEAT BEAT headband with plain water for 10 to 15 minutes and tie it over your forehead or around your neck so that it is sufficient to cool you for days before it dries. Soak it again and again in water for months or perhaps for years. Consider all safety requirements if you use it properly and kept it safe from wear or tear. I bought one from Canada I am still using it for the last 5 years.
- Avoid placing it within the reach of children.
- Exists in multiple colors.
- We provide you with the quantity you need.
- We make your special order.
- We add symbol of your company or your favorite sports team slogan.
Just send us a request of what you want via e-mail: Protected content or Protected content
Our sales representative will contact you to secure your need and provide you with the best of our service.

-Unbeatable Quality.
-Unbeatable prices.
- Protected content colors
CAD 5.00 each. Discount for bulk quantity. Ask for photos if you are interested.


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