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    I did a lot of research before moving to Kampala, but InterNations provided me with the most relevant connects among all sites.

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Employment in Kampala

Local Economy

The economy of Kampala benefits greatly from the rich resources that can be found in the rest of Uganda, in particular the fertile lands, gold and tungsten. Two-fifth of the country’s population still works in agriculture, but the economic landscape of the capital city has moved to more of a services based industry, with a growing finance industry, and also a slowly growing tourism sector. The city contains several banks and government-owned media companies. The international economic involvement in the city is still growing as well, and there is even a Pepsi franchise bottling company in the city. Expatriates can find jobs in Kampala working for NGOs, jobs in oil, English teaching or diplomatic work.

Job Hunting in Kampala

Some people say that the easiest way for an expatriate to find a job in Uganda is to show up in the city and ask around in popular expat hangouts and also by going directly to non-governmental organizations to make enquiries. However, it is not always practical for people to leave their home country without a guaranteed position. Fortunately it is possible to find jobs online. In terms of looking for professional jobs working for NGOs, once again, contacting companies directly to let them know of your interest in working for them and your skills and experience is the best way to find a position in Kampala if you are trying to find employment from your home country. Make use of professional social media to make connections and find contacts and this could help you to be notified when positions become available. You can find online a selection of English teaching jobs in Kampala or you can contact universities or international schools directly with your resume to show them you are interested.

Work Permits for Kampala

Work permits for Kampala are processed by the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Internal Affairs for Kampala. You or your employer will need to pay for this work permit up front, and also a deposit will be required which will be returned when you leave the country. This money is paid on a per-year basis, so if you apply for a work permit for three years, you will be required to put down a deposit that is three times as large as someone applying for a work permit for one year. You can apply for a work permit once you have already arrived in Uganda, and your employer will help you secure this work permit by providing a letter of invitation and confirmation of your employment in the country.

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  • Peter Okello

    I did a lot of research before moving to Kampala, but InterNations provided me with the most relevant connects among all sites.

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